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Welcome to The Joint - Raleigh, Six Forks! As your local chiropractor in Raleigh, NC, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from back pain, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How We Can Help

Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care or this is your first time, you can expect your visit to The Joint to be new and different from any healthcare experience you’ve had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here is a quick and easy way to see what makes The Joint …the chiropractic place the perfect chiropractic destination:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointment required
  • No Insurance Hassles / Requirements
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans
  • Licensed Chiropractors & Chiropractic Physicians

Our chiropractic services offer you and your family a quality, affordable, convenient and accessible healthcare solution. Chiropractic assists in eliminating and relieving the days of shoulder, neck and back pain as well as many other “symptoms” you may be experiencing. So whatever your ailments may be, visit our Raleigh chiropractic office, because your overall health is our business. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit The Joint so stop in when it is convenient for you. See you soon!

Our Doctors

Dr. Jeremy Broadhead
Dr. Jeremy Broadhead

Dr. Jeremy Broadhead grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated from Brigham Young University in 2005. His fascination with the miracles of the human body led him to the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, where he earned his doctorate in 2009. He has witnessed chiropractic care change many lives, and he has a driving passion to bring its benefits to everyone.

“Quality of life is so much better with regular chiropractic adjustments,” he said,  “and The Joint offers the best care available.”

Dr. Broadhead enjoys quality time with his wonderful wife, Hayley, and their two Shih Tzus. He also loves hiking. Fluent in French, Dr. Broadhead’s new adventure is tackling Spanish! When he’s not standing over the adjustment tables, you can find him at the movies or picking his banjo.

Dr. Broadhead invites you to share your health goals with him, and allow The Joint to contribute to your wellness.

Dr. Rose Boyd
Dr. Rose Boyd

Dr. Rose Boyd has been treating patients from age 0-80 for the past eight years. Watching her patients feel better quickly never gets old. She is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and holds the 2007 Clinical Excellence award.

She loves watching patients notice better health along their spine, but also in areas they didn’t expect chiropractic to help (migraines, digestive issues, sleep, sports performance). Dr. Boyd interned under a pediatric and pregnancy chiropractor in Minneapolis Minnesota, and enjoys helping infants, kids and moms feel their best.

“I’m happy to be a part of a place that can offer great chiropractic adjustments at a price that is affordable so that more people can experience the benefits of consistent care- that’s what our model is all about,” said Dr. Boyd.

Outside The Joint, Dr. Boyd enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her husband, John, and 11 month old son, Ryan. She was a big fan of naps, before the baby.

Dr. Jennifer Al Ghuraibawi
Dr. Jennifer Al Ghuraibawi

Dr. Jennifer Al Ghuraibawi has been a chiropractor for 17 years.  Dr. Jen was born and raised in Vermont.  She attended Springfield College in Springfield, MA where she graduated with top honors as a Tri Beta National Honors Society member for the Biological Sciences and her degree in Biology in 1994.  After undergrad she attended Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in San Jose, California, graduating with her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1998.  Dr.Jen has practiced in New York and Connecticut prior to moving to North Carolina this past spring. She has also been an adjunct professor in Anatomy and Physiology for over 10 years at SUNY Westchester in Valhalla, NY and obtained her Masters in Education in 2007.  Dr. Jen became a chiropractor because of her own personal experience with chiropractic and how chiropractic helped her with the headaches.

Dr. George Tyler
Dr. George Tyler

My chiropractor stopped the pain!

Growing up I had a condition of the knees called Osgood- Schlatter Disease. It is one of the most common causes of knee pain in children. I was active in sports, but the pain in my knees frustrated me and limited my participation. My parents took me to their medical doctors but none were able to stop the pain. Then my father took me to a chiropractor. After only a few adjustments, to my back and knees, the pain began to go away. I was both thankful and amazed. I can tell you from my experience both as a patient and a doctor… chiropractic works and it works well!

My chiropractic journey

That was my introduction to chiropractic and I knew then what I wanted to do with my life. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from N.C. State University, I went on to earn my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta . I choose to attend Life University because of the strong subluxation-based philosophy. The curriculum at Life University consisted of 2,887 hours of classroom study and 1,598 hours of clinical studies, including kinesiology, toxicology and spinal adjusting. So, while my education sharpened my expertise, my philosophy drives my passion.

In practice, I utilize a wide range of chiropractic techniques, muscular therapies and therapeutic exercise specifically tailored for each patient. This provides an integrated chiropractic approach to conservative care. My practice focuses on the entire family and offers the highest quality of chiropractic care to both children and adults. I find that holistic, conservative care is an extremely effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. I am an excellent clinician, and a good listener. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenges.

On a personal note

I am blessed to have a lovely wife, Joselyn and three children, Jillian, George Jr. and Vanessa. When I am not spending time with my family, I enjoy listening to jazz, playing the saxophone and I am an avid football fan.

(919) 842-3089

8511 Colonnade Center Dr., Unit 132,Raleigh,NC,27615

The best way to contact us is via phone, then email.

Did You Know?

Routine chiropractic care can provide management and relief for the following:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

Chiropractic may also help:

  • Improve Nervous System Function
  • Relieve Prenatal Discomfort
  • Increase Vitality and Improve Quality of Life
  • Provide Preventative Care
  • Improve Overall Health and Wellness for both Children and Adults

Friendly Tips for Your Chiropractic Visit

How to get the most out of your Raleigh chiropractic visit:

  1. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.
  2. Write down a list of your problem areas (lower back pain, any sports injury, stiffness, etc.)
  3. Include any accidents that you may have been in (car accidents, falls, sports accidents, etc.)
  4. Include any persistent problems (sleep difficulty, headaches, neck pain, soreness, etc.)
  5. Include any health conditions and any surgeries you have had.
  6. In other words, tell your chiropractor about all of your health conditions so that he can help you best.


In other words, tell your chiropractor all about your lifestyle and health conditions so that they can tailor your chiropractic care to maximize your health goals.

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5 / 5 stars
I sought out chiropractic care for general health reasons. I would recommend The Joint to others because of the good price. Chiropractic care has helped me to heal. My lower back feels great.
8/27/2014 7:23:33 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I recently moved back to Raleigh and was looking for a new chiropractor. I have chronic back issues that require regular care. I’ve been coming to The Joint since December 2013 and have loved how convenient it is for me. I would recommend The Joint to others because it’s affordable and the most convenient chiropractic care available. Being able to walk-in is awesome. Seeing a chiropractor makes my life significantly more comfortable.Being adjusted has helped with my headaches and with my back discomfort on a day to day basis. I do a lot of crafting which requires me to sit for long periods of time, and my daily work requires lots of running, bending, lifting and carrying things.
8/27/2014 7:22:13 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I sought out chiropractic care because I had lower back pain that got worse over the years. I have received treatment for about one year and have had little to no back pain since I started treatment. Regular adjustments from The Joint have relieved my lower back pain. I play tennis, basketball and several other sports that I used to experience pain while playing. Fortunately I no longer experience pain while playing sports.
8/27/2014 7:20:47 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I did an internet search for chiropractors, and I’ve been going to The Joint since July/August 2013. I would recommend it to others because of the good price and walk-in appointments. I feel better physically; back and neck pain are resolved. Chiropractic just makes me feel better. I stay active by playing golf, basketball and doing stuff with my kids.
8/27/2014 7:18:28 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
The Joint is about one and a half miles from my house, I go in to receive care for my back. Chiropractic care helps relieve pain and stress. Chiropractic provides physical and mental health benefits. Regular adjustments have helped me to heal. I value convenience and the level of care at The Joint. I have tried other treatment options but they are not as effective.
8/27/2014 7:16:10 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I came to The Joint because I needed relief for a persistent headache. The pain originated in my neck and I hoped chiropractic would help. Receiving adjustments at The Joint have been wonderful, no more headaches. I love The Joint’s approach. I’ve never felt rushed or pushed into chiropractic care. The Joint has provided me with relief from aches in my knees. I didn’t think those could be helped with chiropractic care but the pain is gone.I’m sleeping better and have more energy. Plus, knowing I can pop in without an appointment makes it easier to keep ahead of the problems. All of the over the counter pain medications, heating pads and ice packs do not help as much as fixing the problem with chiropractic. I am physically active with hiking, sewing, costume design and family time.
8/27/2014 7:05:55 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
5 / 5 stars
I moved to the area and needed a new chiropractor. I found a groupon and came to The Joint. I have been receiving chiropractic care for 15 years, I can’t live without it. I recommend The Joint to others for overall health and well being. Adjustments keep pain away from everyday misalignments. Adjustments help reduce headaches, back aches, and improves posture. Receiving treatment from The Joint decreases my migraines, improves my overall health by reducing every day aches and pains. I have tried physical therapy – improved my pain slightly but not enough. I’ve tried medications – just masked the pain by putting toxins in my body.
8/27/2014 7:01:59 AM
The Joint ...the chiropractic place
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